Do By Friday

A weekly challenge show hosted by Merlin Mann and Alex Cox.

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    Emotional Support Door

    This week's challenge: take care of your skin.

    With special guest, Tiff Arment.

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    I Was on the Dance Floor

    This week's challenge: learn to steal.

    With special guest, Will Sommer.

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    Sacks of Yellow Fat

    This week’s challenge: print something in 3D.

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    A Useless Dog

    This week’s challenge: read about cognitive biases.

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    My Fabric Barrier - After Show

    We're taking the week off, but we didn't want to leave you nice people without something to listen to. So, we're unlocking the After Show from our recent visit about "Hamilton" with Producer Quinn.

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    Naked Meat Core

    This week’s challenge: get a new home gadget.

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