Do By Friday

A weekly challenge show hosted by Merlin Mann and Alex Cox.

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    Ahr! Ahr! Ahr!

    This week’s challenge: RTFM.

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    3-2-1 Cucks

    This week’s challenge: embrace a platonic Valentine’s Day.

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    Penis Lawyers

    This week’s challenge: hypnotize yourself.

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    America is My Marriott

    This week’s challenge: solve a problem with a large bag.

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    Scarf Time

    This week's challenge: write down your dreams.

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    Two Point Very Fast

    This week's challenge: keep a commonplace book.

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    Stop Gerunding

    This week's challenge: find some great cover songs.

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    The Royal You

    This week's challenge: make Christmas.

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    The Other Matt

    This week's challenge: hook something together.

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    The Woke Oracle

    This week's challenge:draft your Diamond Dogs from Ted Lasso.

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    Zoopa Zoopa Zoopa!

    This week's challenge: survive the election.

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    Yoop Yoop Yoop!

    This week's challenge: something something YouTube.

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    Sympathy Dick

    This week's challenge: put something in your nose.

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    Meta Lesbian

    This week's challenge: find the perfect pencil.

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    They Scouts

    This week's challenge: Celebrate Coxmas.

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    Practicing Life

    This week's challenge: follow your nose on Spotify.

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    Emotional Support Door

    This week's challenge: take care of your skin.

    With special guest, Tiff Arment.

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    I Was on the Dance Floor

    This week's challenge: learn to steal.

    With special guest, Will Sommer.

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    Sacks of Yellow Fat

    This week’s challenge: print something in 3D.

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    A Useless Dog

    This week’s challenge: read about cognitive biases.

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    My Fabric Barrier - After Show

    We're taking the week off, but we didn't want to leave you nice people without something to listen to. So, we're unlocking the After Show from our recent visit about "Hamilton" with Producer Quinn.

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    Naked Meat Core

    This week’s challenge: get a new home gadget.

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    Joke Jazz

    This week’s challenge: Play with Apple betas.

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    Leather Bottom

    This week’s challenge: Pitch a jukebox musical.

    With very special guest, Editor Quinn.

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    This week’s challenge: Play with Lume Cubes

  39. Thumb 1591817708 artwork


    This week’s challenge: draw Spike

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    Blood Niece

    This week’s challenge: buy something from B&H

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    Dr. Lard

    This week’s challenge: get a nice treat.

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    Mr. Battery

    This week’s challenge: go somewhere.

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    Big Zone Energy

    This week’s challenge: find media that exists out of time.

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    Poppin’ Black Pills

    This week's challenge: watch the first episode of The Sopranos.

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    Gadget Ratchetfence

    This week's challenge: JennLM and COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE.

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  50. Thumb 1585247047 artwork
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    This week’s challenge: label something.

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    Handjob Princess

    This week’s challenge: Don't die.

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    Wolverine Top Job

    This week’s challenge: use a bag within a bag.

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    My Magic Friends

    This week’s challenge: have a potato night.

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    Minecraft Holmes

    This week’s challenge: watch the season premiere of Survivor: Winners at War.

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    Berry Command Post

    This week’s challenge: create a new political Twitter list.

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    Pretty Lady Mouth

    This week's challenge: do more with Drafts.

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  60. Thumb 1580411122 artwork
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    Cliff Hickinson

    This week’s challenge: try a new bath technology.

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    Max's Workshop

    This week’s challenge: clean out your spice cabinet.

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    His Name Is Alan

    This week's challenge: continue the Holiday Party.

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    Manchurian Bottom

    This week’s challenge: learn how to draw butts.

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    MILF Inflation

    This week’s challenge: make a sauce.

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    Deep State Debbie

    This week’s challenge: play Minecraft.

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    Eggs and Legacy

    This week’s challenge: raw dog your iPhone.

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    Schiavo’s Tubes

    This week's challenge: eat and easy protein breakfast.

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    The Law of Hot Places

    This week's challenge: check out some flashlights and knives.

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    Gentleman's B

    This week's challenge: set up an iPhone from scratch.

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    Small Timothy

    This week's challenge: use Duck Duck Go.

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    Regional Knife Law

    This week's challenge: watch the Apple Keynote.

  81. Thumb 1567702292 artwork


    This week's challenge: watch Finding Frances.

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    Alex Cooladult

    This week's challenge: read "Married to the Mouse."

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    Internet Numbers Man

    This week's challenge: get rechargeable batteries.

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    Sexual ADD

    This week's challenge: play Pokémon Go.

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  86. Thumb 1564676836 artwork
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    Macintoshes Temkin

    This week's challenge: read a children’s book that isn’t Animorphs.

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    This week's challenge: eat some nuts.

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    The Kill Zone

    This week’s challenge: get the data.

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    Pink Keyholes

    This week's challenge: pitch a Shark Tank product.

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    Spencer Bledsoe

    This week's challenge: unconventional fancy.

  95. Thumb 1559232820 artwork

    Jizz Wailers

    This week's challenge: draw a diary comic.

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    Covered in Syrup

    This week's challenge: write your texts in drafts.

  97. Thumb 1558030917 artwork


    This week's challenge: rollie an egg.

  98. Thumb 1557421489 artwork

    Band of Hogs

    This week’s challenge: create a new season of Survivor.

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    Astronaut Bread

    This week’s challenge: spoonk yourself.

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    Pink Uber

    This week’s challenge: share private mind motions.

  104. Thumb 1553778990 artwork

    Uh Oh!

    This week’s challenge: take a walk.

  105. Thumb 1553193159 artwork

    Goodbye Dance

    This week’s challenge: see Captain Marvel.

  106. Thumb 1552585446 artwork

    Food Day

    This week’s challenge: make something out of paper.

  107. Thumb 1551981743 artwork

    Myke's Mic

    This week’s challenge: find a use for your harness.

  108. Thumb 1551372440 artwork

    Mayor Man

    This week’s challenge: watch Survivor.

  109. Thumb 1550760565 artwork

    Papa Normative

    This week’s challenge: listen with empathy.

  110. Thumb 1550164221 artwork

    Adult Magic

    This week’s challenge: read Feed by M.T. Anderson.

  111. Thumb 1549566012 artwork


    This week’s challenge: watch Paddington 2.

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    The Good Plastic

    This week’s challenge: make bacon.

  113. Thumb 1548372536 artwork

    Reply Guy

    This week's challenge: find a weird SNL sketch.

  114. Thumb 1547778899 artwork

    Junk Boys

    This week's challenge: wear the Muse headband.

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    BONUS: Patreon Aftershow

    Hey pals, the aftershow was really funny this week, so we decided to share it with you. We don't want to make a habit out of this. But if you like what you hear, help us keep making this thing by throwing five bucks a month our way at

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    Heavy Petting

    This week’s challenge: have a holiday party.

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    Ball Bangers - After Show

    This week your hosts are generously sharing a whole second episode normally reserved for patrons. Visit after you've enjoyed this premium content.

  122. Thumb 1543541560 artwork

    Ball Bangers

    This week’s challenge: get shiatsu balled.

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    The Saw Spa

    This week's challenge: find a guest host.

  125. Thumb 1541729613 artwork

    One More Thing

    This week’s challenge: buy some pants.

  126. Thumb 1541111816 artwork
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    The Bathroom Boys

    This week’s challenge: wash your hands.

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    Jazz Apple

    This week's challenge: make your signature sandwich.

  130. Thumb 1538711238 artwork

    Calendar Hour

    This week's challenge: do a triathlon.

  131. Thumb 1538102535 artwork

    Mr. Loaf

    This week's challenge: delete some apps.

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    Early Beta

    This week's challenge: read Getting Things Done.

  134. Thumb 1536200539 artwork

    Alexa, STOP!

    This week's challenge: drop in.

  135. Thumb 1535681080 artwork

    The Flat One

    This week's challenge: make a YouTube playlist.

  136. Thumb 1535065088 artwork

    Pig Weed

    This week’s challenge: give some advice.

  137. Thumb 1534467518 artwork

    Catholic Brain

    This week's challenge: read "I Can Tolerate Anything Except the Outgroup."

  138. Thumb 1533778901 artwork

    Wine of Lies

    This week's challenge: consume the news.

  139. Thumb 1533255918 artwork
  140. Thumb 1532642069 artwork


    This week's challenge: be nice to someone.

  141. Thumb 1532050929 artwork


    This week's challenge: make hummus.

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  144. Thumb 1530229858 artwork

    The Good Shit

    This week's challenge: watch Pitch Perfect.

  145. Thumb 1529630207 artwork
  146. Thumb 1529088767 artwork

    Slutty Deers

    This week's challenge: cook with a rotisserie.

  147. Thumb 1528347962 artwork
  148. Thumb 1527816173 artwork
  149. Thumb 1527202207 artwork

    Pussy Hatting

    This week's challenge: read Vision.

  150. Thumb 1526603554 artwork

    The Doodler

    This week’s challenge: do something creative with Drafts.

  151. Thumb 1526009768 artwork

    Snot Yoga

    This week's challenge: learn some rules of thumb.

  152. Thumb 1525395371 artwork

    Hot Hands!

    This week's challenge: swab your bacteria.

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  154. Thumb 1524166516 artwork

    Vaudeville Kafka

    This week's challenge: pimp your drink.

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    BONUS: Patreon After Show

    We wanted to share part of our most recent after show that’s normally only for our Patreon supporters. Merlin has conspiracy theories, and Max gives a Bartlett-esque speech that almost made Alex cry.

    Please give us your fucking money if you want to hear the whole thing.

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    Farmville for War

    This week's challenge: do something with plants.

  157. Thumb 1522974798 artwork
  158. Thumb 1522378500 artwork

    Cheese Tits

    This week's challenge: present a harebrained theory.

  159. Thumb 1521766828 artwork

    I Have Regretsies

    This week's challenge: stan something with Jenn Bane.

  160. Thumb 1521175229 artwork

    Disco Sauce

    This week's challenge: find the best Beatles bridge.

  161. Thumb 1520550102 artwork

    Check Her Dick

    This week's challenge: create a bullet journal.

  162. Thumb 1519955769 artwork
  163. Thumb 1519660948 artwork

    BONUS: Patreon After Show

    We decided to be very generous and share one of the after shows that's usually only available on our Patreon backer feed. Enjoy this free episode, you filthy animals.

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  165. Thumb 1518740467 artwork

    Problematic Clog

    This week's challenge: get a haircut.

  166. Thumb 1518146077 artwork


    This week's challenge: download and use the app Replika.

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  168. Thumb 1516941308 artwork
  169. Thumb 1516331226 artwork
  170. Thumb 1515723477 artwork

    Instantaneous Gram

    This week's challenge: watch the pilot of Patriot.

  171. Thumb 1515106907 artwork
  172. Thumb 1514509821 artwork
  173. Thumb 1513919107 artwork

    On Fleck

    This week's challenge: have a Holiday Party.

  174. Thumb 1513312906 artwork
  175. Thumb 1512703029 artwork

    Is This Coco?

    This week's challenge: show and tell us about your favorite childhood toy.

  176. Thumb 1512069612 artwork

    I'm Hooky!

    This week's challenge: get a flu shot.

  177. Thumb 1511382495 artwork

    Jazz Girl

    This week's challenge: read Max's political Twitter list.

  178. Thumb 1510957859 artwork
  179. Thumb 1510270145 artwork

    We Sell Drills

    This week's challenge: track what you eat.

  180. Thumb 1509656901 artwork

    Line Boy

    This week's challenge: pick the perfect album.

  181. Thumb 1509037786 artwork

    Back on Our Bullshit

    This week's challenge: try a new gig economy service.

  182. Thumb 1508471119 artwork

    Fancy Prince

    This week's challenge: eat a pizza.

  183. Thumb 1507858814 artwork

    Hitherto, I Have Demurred

    This week's challenge: send your cohosts something weird from Amazon…again.

  184. Thumb 1507224649 artwork

    Fortunate Son

    This week's challenge: sous vide your shoes.

  185. Thumb 1506656208 artwork

    Oh No, My Wire!

    This week's challenge: play Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

  186. Thumb 1506052226 artwork


    This week's challenge: read Art of the Deal.

  187. Thumb 1505442253 artwork
  188. Thumb 1504835829 artwork
  189. Thumb 1504234986 artwork

    Jardín D’Olive

    This week's challenge: watch "Fateful Findings."

  190. Thumb 1503632759 artwork

    My Lady Wad

    This week's challenge: look at your office.

  191. Thumb 1503017998 artwork

    Uncle Vinegar

    This week's challenge: look inside your wallet.

  192. Thumb 1502675979 artwork

    Hand Taint

    This week's challenge: get an implant.

  193. Thumb 1501816098 artwork
  194. Thumb 1501202703 artwork

    A Bear of Honey

    This week's challenge: go to KFC or Taco Bell.

  195. Thumb 1500606542 artwork
  196. Thumb 1500000234 artwork

    The Alp Got ‘Em

    This week's challenge: pack a bag for Italy.

  197. Thumb 1499399291 artwork

    I Cream Twice

    This week's challenge: SLIME.

  198. Thumb 1498792033 artwork

    A Pukey Thing

    This week's challenge: watch Six by Sondheim.

  199. Thumb 1498193660 artwork
  200. Thumb 1497021554 artwork

    Enliven the Photo

    This week's challenge: watch the WWDC 2017 Apple Keynote.

  201. Thumb 1496286054 artwork
  202. Thumb 1495774792 artwork

    The Bentley Boys

    This week's challenge: watch some superhero movies.

  203. Thumb 1495161558 artwork
  204. Thumb 1494554662 artwork

    The Milky Boys

    The challenge: watch “The Social Network."

  205. Thumb 1493956608 artwork
  206. Thumb 1493351348 artwork
  207. Thumb 1491522387 artwork
  208. Thumb 1490845082 artwork
  209. Thumb 1490334360 artwork
  210. Thumb 1489725893 artwork
  211. Thumb 1489123654 artwork

    Space Period

    This week's challenge: calm down.

  212. Thumb 1488569395 artwork
  213. Thumb 1487948429 artwork
  214. Thumb 1487343974 artwork
  215. Thumb 1486700709 artwork

    The Leakest Wink

    This week's challenge: curse like a Scot.

  216. Thumb 1486134607 artwork
  217. Thumb 1485500025 artwork
  218. Thumb 1484893491 artwork
  219. Thumb 1484252383 artwork
  220. Thumb 1483678299 artwork
  221. Thumb 1482508028 artwork
  222. Thumb 1482195105 artwork

    Splash Mountain

    This week's challenge: make our cats sit.

  223. Thumb 1481247332 artwork
  224. Thumb 1480698098 artwork
  225. Thumb 1480096096 artwork
  226. Thumb 1479489190 artwork

    Schroedinger's Gift

    This week's challenge: send your cohosts something weird from Amazon.

  227. Thumb 1478222123 artwork

    A Reasonable Monster

    This week's challenge: watch Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview.

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