Do By Friday

A weekly challenge show hosted by Merlin Mann, Alex Cox, and Max Temkin.

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    Ball Bangers - After Show

    This week your hosts are generously sharing a whole second episode normally reserved for patrons. Visit after you've enjoyed this premium content.

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    Ball Bangers

    This week’s challenge: get shiatsu balled.

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    The Saw Spa

    This week's challenge: find a guest host.

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    One More Thing

    This week’s challenge: buy some pants.

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    The Bathroom Boys

    This week’s challenge: wash your hands.

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    Jazz Apple

    This week's challenge: make your signature sandwich.

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    Calendar Hour

    This week's challenge: do a triathlon.

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    Mr. Loaf

    This week's challenge: delete some apps.

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    Early Beta

    This week's challenge: read Getting Things Done.

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    Alexa, STOP!

    This week's challenge: drop in.

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    The Flat One

    This week's challenge: make a YouTube playlist.

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    Pig Weed

    This week’s challenge: give some advice.

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    Catholic Brain

    This week's challenge: read "I Can Tolerate Anything Except the Outgroup."

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    Wine of Lies

    This week's challenge: consume the news.

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    This week's challenge: be nice to someone.

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    This week's challenge: make hummus.

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    The Good Shit

    This week's challenge: watch Pitch Perfect.

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    Slutty Deers

    This week's challenge: cook with a rotisserie.

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    Pussy Hatting

    This week's challenge: read Vision.

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    The Doodler

    This week’s challenge: do something creative with Drafts.

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    Snot Yoga

    This week's challenge: learn some rules of thumb.

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    Hot Hands!

    This week's challenge: swab your bacteria.

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    Vaudeville Kafka

    This week's challenge: pimp your drink.

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    BONUS: Patreon After Show

    We wanted to share part of our most recent after show that’s normally only for our Patreon supporters. Merlin has conspiracy theories, and Max gives a Bartlett-esque speech that almost made Alex cry.

    Please give us your fucking money if you want to hear the whole thing.

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    Farmville for War

    This week's challenge: do something with plants.

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    Cheese Tits

    This week's challenge: present a harebrained theory.

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    I Have Regretsies

    This week's challenge: stan something with Jenn Bane.

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    Disco Sauce

    This week's challenge: find the best Beatles bridge.

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    Check Her Dick

    This week's challenge: create a bullet journal.

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    BONUS: Patreon After Show

    We decided to be very generous and share one of the after shows that's usually only available on our Patreon backer feed. Enjoy this free episode, you filthy animals.

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    Problematic Clog

    This week's challenge: get a haircut.

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    This week's challenge: download and use the app Replika.

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    Instantaneous Gram

    This week's challenge: watch the pilot of Patriot.

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    On Fleck

    This week's challenge: have a Holiday Party.

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    Is This Coco?

    This week's challenge: show and tell us about your favorite childhood toy.

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    I'm Hooky!

    This week's challenge: get a flu shot.

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    Jazz Girl

    This week's challenge: read Max's political Twitter list.

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    We Sell Drills

    This week's challenge: track what you eat.

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    Line Boy

    This week's challenge: pick the perfect album.

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    Back on Our Bullshit

    This week's challenge: try a new gig economy service.

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    Fancy Prince

    This week's challenge: eat a pizza.

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    Hitherto, I Have Demurred

    This week's challenge: send your cohosts something weird from Amazon…again.

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    Fortunate Son

    This week's challenge: sous vide your shoes.

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    Oh No, My Wire!

    This week's challenge: play Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

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    This week's challenge: read Art of the Deal.

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    Jardín D’Olive

    This week's challenge: watch "Fateful Findings."

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    My Lady Wad

    This week's challenge: look at your office.

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    Uncle Vinegar

    This week's challenge: look inside your wallet.

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    Hand Taint

    This week's challenge: get an implant.

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    A Bear of Honey

    This week's challenge: go to KFC or Taco Bell.

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    The Alp Got ‘Em

    This week's challenge: pack a bag for Italy.

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    I Cream Twice

    This week's challenge: SLIME.

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    A Pukey Thing

    This week's challenge: watch Six by Sondheim.

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    Enliven the Photo

    This week's challenge: watch the WWDC 2017 Apple Keynote.

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    The Bentley Boys

    This week's challenge: watch some superhero movies.

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    The Milky Boys

    The challenge: watch “The Social Network."

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    Space Period

    This week's challenge: calm down.

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    The Leakest Wink

    This week's challenge: curse like a Scot.

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    Splash Mountain

    This week's challenge: make our cats sit.

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    Schroedinger's Gift

    This week's challenge: send your cohosts something weird from Amazon.

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    A Reasonable Monster

    This week's challenge: watch Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview.

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